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The Polish tradition of mouth-blowing and hand painting glass ornaments, lies at the very heart of Mysteria. We design and produce Christmas ornaments of the highest standard.

Throughout the time-honoured manufacturing cycle - from mouth-blowing, silvering with native silver, hand decorating, to packaging - each ornament is handled with care and given the special touch needed to produce a one-of-a-kind work of art.


Our extremely stringent quality control, ensures that we do not release a sub-par product. The ornaments are checked at every step along the production process. Ornaments that do not meet the specified requirements, are fixed or recycled. Thanks to our love for high quality, we can complete even the most detailed of ordered designs.

From start to finish, your order is given special attention throughout the whole production process. First, glass tubes are brought in and heated above a burner. Once they soften enough to be modelled, our blowers give them shape, by inserting them into a form, and blowing in to them. The ready ornaments, are then silvered, and sent off to be painted. Here, our decorators  hand paint the ornaments with great attention to detail. Once painted, the ornaments are covered in glitter, and have their tops and labels attached. Lastly they are packed and sent off to the customer.

At Mysteria, we believe that a business should be run sustainably, and responsibly. We therefore constantly strive to make our business better for both the environment and our employees:

  • We regularly collect water, air, and soil samples to be checked for pollutants.
  • In our ornaments we only use lead free glass.
  • Throughout our factory, we use a specially developed heat collection system, to evenly distribute heat from the burners and reduce gas consumption.
  • We make sure our employees work in a safe environment, and that they receive fair wages.


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